Essful events that may result in an adjustment disorder diagnosis, which were not assessed in the current study, are associated with suicidal behavior among adolescents and young adults. 17 the current investigation has limitations worth noting. First, we restricted psychiatric covariates to the period before adjustment disorder diagnosis and only used primary diagnoses from the psychiatric central register (and not secondary diagnoses). It is possible that there is residual confounding of our observed adjustment disorder and suicide associations due to underascertainment of comorbid psychiatric illness. Because of this concern, we conducted a bias analysis, and found that even with a sensitivity of confounder classification of 50%, the associations between adjustment disorder and suicide could not be explained by this type of misclassification. Second, it is possible that cases were treated in a psychiatric facility more frequently before committing suicide, and therefore would have better psychiatric confounder documentation than controls. We conducted a bias analysis to address this concern. Assuming a valid bias model, it appears that this differential misclassification would not have had a substantial impact on the results of the current study. buy viagra buy viagra online viagra without a doctor prescription generic viagra online cheap generic viagra viagra online cheap viagra Finally, we only included psychiatric diagnoses that were obtained at a psychiatric setting in denmark. It is possible to be diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder at a somatic hospital in denmark, and therefore the exposed participants in the current study may represent more severe cases of adjustment disorder, which may in turn be more strongly associated with suicide. We examined the number of adjustment disorder cases with a primary discharge code from somatic hospitals in the same time period, and there were too few to conduct a separate set of analyses on this group to see if the pattern of results was different from those presented here. Despite these limitations, the current study is the first to report on the relation between adjustment disorder and completed suicide. Research to date has focused on the association between adjustment disorder and suicidal ideation or suicidal attempts.
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