BN Caboose 11443
Our caboose (or waycar as both the SP&S and the BN called it) is located on the East side of the Milan Depot. Built in January of 1954 in the Brainerd, Minnesota, shops of the Northern Pacific Railroad (NP) for the Spokane, Portland, and Seattle Railroad (SP&S), it was the last unit of a 12-unit order numbered 880 thru 891. Renumbered 11443 by the Burlington Northern (BN) in March of 1970 when the SP&S merged into the BN, it is painted BN green and yellow with white lettering. In her final service, she bears the note "Local Service Only" and the number 61487, which most likely indicates yard or industrial duty.

Acquired by SCHS in 1984, and delivered by rail to LaClede, MO. Here are our pictures:

The "Family" of 12 Cabooses
88211434 Lebanon, TNformerly at Floyd & Baxter Amusement Co.
88311435 (Destroyed in fire 4 Sep 1970)
884 11436St.Louis, MOMuseum of Transportation
88511437Peoria, ILlast known at Allied Railcar, south of stockyards
89111443Milan, MODisplay at Depot Museum, 3rd Street