The Office
The office is located in the middle of the depot building.
The west window of this room was once a door. This allowed the employees access to the office without going through the other rooms. All of the windows in the office once had bars to keep people from breaking in and stealing the money & tickets.
Agent's Double Desk
Our double desk is similar to the one in this photo, except we are missing the center pigeon-hole riser.
Telegraph Equipment
The telegraph equipment...
Antique Typewriters
These typewriters...

Antique Fire Hydrant
Standing in the northwest corner of the office, this hydrant is one of the very earliest installed in the city of Milan. Manufactured in about 1911-1919, this hydrant is an example of an early "Model 28" hydrant made by the Iowa Valve Company in Oskaloosa, Iowa. It has only one nozzle. The only other hydrant of this vintage from Milan is awaiting restoration. It differs in that it has two nozzles.

Although incomplete, the assembly that we have weighs about 200 pounds.
See our hydrant restoration photos HERE.

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